By Nnabugwu Chizoba
Imagine that you’re a Professor, sitting comfortably in your house, located in a choice area of the city. This time you have just finalized the concluding part of your Author Biography. Thus, you’re just visualizing one of the exquisite Hotels in town, proposed for the public presentation of the book that will soon go to press for publication. In the hall is a wide spectrum of dignitaries that have gathered to grace the occasion.

In a twinkling of an eye, there was a knock on the door and a document brought to you. In your hands are piles of paper, containing a write-up on a family the author of the document had served diligently as a domestic servant (House Maid). The brief report chronicled her services and contributions to the family, as a matter of fact, her experiences, as the house maid.
The report revealed an account of inhuman treatments, frustrations and pains meted to her, in exchange for her unalloyed support and contributions to the family. Aware that she had no better opportunity, to improve herself, she absorbed all the ill treatments, so that she can advance herself in life. Her mother, a widow, had advised her before she left the village, to join the Aunty and her family, to be of good behavior, so as to benefit maximally from the benevolence of her Aunty (so she thought), drawing her little maiden’s attention to the poor condition of things in her own immediate family.
Remembering, especially the promise of taken good care of her daughter, which the Aunty advanced as the major reason for visiting home, to pick her out from the village, the mother did what any responsible mother would do, admonished the daughter, dished out very clear instructions, in a mood that comprised passion and discipline. As far as the Mother was concerned, the little maiden should never misbehave, so as not to attract the wrath of the Aunty.
On the strength of the above the Maid maintained her cool, swallowed every ill treatment meted to her, believing that one day her efforts will yield tremendous results, and she will witness the materialization of the promise made to her mother by the Aunty, when she will return to her siblings with happiness and joy, showcasing the fruit of her obedience.
The period of her stay, witnessed the series of academic successes recorded by the man and his wife that climaxed into the man becoming a Professor and the wife, a Senior lecturer. The same period witnessed the birth of 5 children into the family. The girl (Maid) in question took good care of the children, nurtured them to adulthood. Her stay in the house eased off a lot of load from the Prof and Madam.
After many years with the family, her hope was dashed and her future ruined. She was not provided with any clear direction or presented with any opportunity to better her lot in life. She labored in vain for the family.
The Prof. (the Author Biographer), the person holding the document that came from the Maid is the very person in question. If you say the one that disappointed the Maid, you will be right.
Considering the above, bearing in mind, the Prof. is set for the press, could you please review the unfolding scenario below? If you like see it as the humble appeal of the house Maid:

  • She presented the document as her CV using the Author Biographer, the Prof. and the Wife as her referees. She has requested them to sign the document.
  •  She has challenged the Prof. that the book is incomplete, praying that the missing link, which she has provided, in the script she presented to the Prof. should be added to strengthen the document before its final publication and public presentation.
  • Prof. and Family did not refute the story, they confirmed it to be true.
  •  Prof. and Family is confused. They said they’re in a dilemma.  
  • Do you think anything is wrong with the Maid’s request? Please send in your response.

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