“The world indeed is a small one; I have finally understood the saying, ‘those who live in a glass house, do not throw stones.’ I have not only thrown stones, I have thrown rocks which have come back at me.
I am a 35-year-old business woman who has everything running smoothly. I am a married woman with two handsome boys as sons. My husband is a civil servant who just got transferred to another town recently.

Due to the nature of my business and the absence of my husband, I decided to get a maid who will help monitor the children and stay at the shop when I need to step out. My 16-year-old maid was brought in by a distant aunt who took it upon herself to find me a house-help after I talked to her about finding one.

My friends tried discouraging me about this as they kept sharing stories of how maids have ended up snatching their madam’s husbands and running away with their jewelries. I decided to handle this one well in order to drive out that thought from her.
There were many nights she slept hungry because I wanted to punish her, I had a special ‘koboko’ that I use in whipping her whenever she did anything wrong. Her big bosom was starting to make her have confidence in herself so I disgraced her a couple of times in the presence of the men who worked for us.
One fateful day, my aunt came visiting and she met me flogging this girl. She tried stopping me but I was too strong for her. Out of frustration, she burst out saying something about me killing my own daughter. I stopped and asked her what she had just said.
That was when she made the shocking revelation that my maid, the girl I had cursed several times was in fact, my own daughter. I had gotten pregnant when I was a teenager but I was told the baby died.
This was a relief for me since I was about going to the university then. The pregnancy was a shameful one as the mockery was much and the man who impregnated me denied it. I moved on with my life and settled down with my husband as soon as I got married.
With all this change of event I am angry. Why did they lie to me? My daughter got to know the truth that day too and was angry. I wish I could turn back the hands of time and take back everything I ever said to her.
I cursed her whenever she got my money missing or sold something at the wrong price. I am ashamed to say I have been mean to her on countless occasions even though she did not deserve it. It breaks my heart to think I had cursed her biological mother on several occasions not knowing I was cursing myself.
My biggest challenge now is how to break the news to my husband. My daughter has refused to accept me as a mother and has gone back with my aunt. She keeps threatening the poor woman by saying she would run away.
Please how do I win her love and affection as a mother? How will my husband feel if he gets to know I gave birth a long time ago and the maid I have abused many times is my daughter? I cannot live with myself any more, this guilt is killing me.“
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