By Nnabugwu Chizoba

One nagging issue, that confronts Housemaids/boys in the society, is FALSE ACCUSATION.
While reflecting on it this morning, something that came to my mind is to throw this issue open, and invite comments from the public. It is on the basis of this that I now invite you my esteemed follower and reader, proven and tested defender of rights, hope of the oppressed, and the shining light for a better tomorrow; to share your views. The more we do this, the more enlightened the society is and the better we all become. Welcome on board! Please share you thought.

•    Do you think that false accusation is a big issue?

•     How does it feel to be falsely accused?
•    Why do housemaids/boys, face it constantly?
•    Do you have any experience or story to share on this? Please do so, and on this platform.
•    What do you think should be done to make perpetrators curtail, if not totally eradicate it?
•    Please the emphasis is on building reconciliation

Recall: The whole of February has been set aside by Onesquare, to celebrate Housemaids/boys. If you have any (Housemaid/boy), please remember to HUG him/her, and to make it a habit.
If you have been maltreating him/her, could you please ask for forgiveness; and let the days that follow prove that you have truly changed. This is no sign of weakness, it is rather a mark boldness.
In case the housemaid/boy with you has left as a result of maltreatment, nothing stops you from tracing him/her and asking for forgiveness. It might seem IMPOSSIBLE at first. But I can assure you it is doable, yes doable, though difficult. Come to think of it, it was also difficult for your maid/boy to pass through the maltreatment phase.

However, to assure you that you can do it, re-examine the word IMPOSSIBLE, and understand the actual message, it says, I’M-POSSIBLE.

On this note, I wish to invite the NGOs, CSOs, Human Rights groups, and public commentators, lovers of humanity and men and women of goodwill, to not only comment, but to join the struggle to honour and celebrate the good in the willingness of some individuals to serve the society as Housemaids/boys.


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