By Nnabugwu Chinazaekpere: your Anchor and Host
Naza (on native), Aunty Mercy,Naza’s kid sister Ihechi

Dear Friends and lovers of hard work, discovery/creativity, innovation, teamwork, success, progress and sustainability. Welcome to my corner!

Before I continue, let me inform you that my name “Chinazaekpere”, means “God answers prayers”. I am a JSS 2 student (a class I will resume in, when the 2017/2018 school year commences, in September 2017), living in Jos, Plateau state capital. Lest I forget, Plateau state is in the North Central Geo-Political Zone, in Nigeria.
I hail from Isuikwuato LGA of Abia state (the God’s own state). Abia state is in the South Eastern Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria.

My friends, and relations, cut across every boundary. The list grows every day. But one thing is certain, without you in the list, it is not complete.
I am on this Platform to share with us, what I now refer to as “My Weekend Diary” and to learn from you my Dear Friends and esteemed Reader. Considering, essentially how important we are to each other, and what we stand to gain, working together, as friends, I wish to urge us to be very active on this Platform, designed to deepen our knowledge and understanding, and more importantly, as a Forum for converting “Peer Pressure to Peer Learning”.
A peep into my Diary, reveals activities with Aunty Mercy, one of the greatest “On Air Personalities” (OAP), on Children’s Programme, who have hosted me several times on her programmes. The experiences are worth sharing with you, my wonderful friends and lovers of success.
From my Diary of activities with Uncle Sho, a guru in Kids development packages, are support tools that I am very optimistic, we all need for a very smooth sail, in life.
To crown it all, is the richest among them, the Diary containing, the experiences I have gathered, not only as the Head of “Belford Teens and Kids Club”, but also as a regular participant of her programmes. This great Club has been working tirelessly to put Youths, Teens, and Kids, on the right track.  Lessons from the Club; anchored by Mommy Ngozi, are ingredients, I belief we need to make our educational pursuit and other life endeavours, much more rewarding. Mind you, this does not happen without the usual tough, difficult and challenging moments. But Mommy Ngo, has the magic wand that makes challenges, an interesting, invigorating and worth the while experience.  
Dear Friends and success Partners, I can assure you that we are on a coaster ride, loaded with motivating, inspiring, life changing, and skills enhancing packages, as co-travelers on this Platform.
Before I sign out, let me remind you that I am already salivating, because of the belief that your Diaries are equally very rich. I am very sure, that I have a lot of lessons coming from you, as well.
So what are we waiting for? Let’s hit the ground rolling. Once again, welcome on Board!
I remain your Anchor and Host Chinazaekpere Nnabugwu! Cheers.

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