By Nnabugwu Chinazaekpere, your Anchor and Host

Dear Friends and success Partners. I am glad to welcome you again to “Naza’s Corner: Your weekend On-line Platform for the success minded Teens and kids”.
To most of you my Nigerian colleagues, I am aware many of you (Teens and Kids) are on vacation. I wish you accident free vacation. For those running a different system, I share with you also, just as I share with “Teens and Kids” ofother countries, whether you’re on vacation or not. I wish you well in your endeavours. Amen!
Let me seize this opportunity to warmly appreciate you for visiting this Teens and Kids transformation Arena, tagged Naza’s Corner.

In case you’re visiting my Corner for the first time, it will interest you to note that this is a Forum, for the success minded. It is an interactive Medium created for Teens and Kids, to “convert Peer Pressure to Peer Learning”.
Our topic of discussion, today is “Attitude”. It is my belief that we shall make it an interesting experience by responding actively to this post. The best is achieved when we share our views. I consider the Topic, very timely. This is why I have selected it for discussion. It is therefore, important for us to be active and contribute to the dialogue.
To kick start the discussion, I wish to say that:
“Attitude, generally implies the way we behave. Let me go further to add, that Attitude includes the way we look at the world around us, at other people and at ourselves. Attitude determines, how we behave”.
It is common knowledge that some of us (Teens and Kids), behave well; and others, not so well. The effect therefore, is that Attitude is either positive or negative.
Our Parents, Teachers, and others, expect us to be of positive attitude. Children with a positive attitude know that things can go wrong. On their own, they strive to make the best of any situation. They think and behave in ways that suggest to all that relate with them that things will get better, especially when confronted by tough situations. Instead of adding to the pressure that their Parents face, they become a source of hope, strength and support to the family.
A negative attitude is displayed by those Teens and Kids that are rarely happy. Such children do not seem to like themselves or other people. They often find fault with themselves and others. To crown it all they are always complaining about one thing or the other.
Children with negative attitude, do not care about doing a good job. Most of the time, their response to issues, suggest the following:
“What’s the use? Or “My teachers, parents, siblings, friends are always picking on me, so why should I try? 
Let me pause here to ask: Do you know anybody of such behaviours? Or do you behave in such a way?
Till I come your way next time, when I will be treating the things we can do to overcome negative attitudes, please remember to send in your comments or response on the topic.

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