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Welcome to “Naza’s Corner: Your weekend On-line Platform for the success minded Teens and kids”. I wish to share with you, this Story. Please settle down and enjoy it. The story is entitled:  

Ellie awoke Saturday morning and quickly looked out of the window. Yes, the sun was shining. It looked a beautiful day. There was a workday at church today, and she had hoped it would be nice. Workdays were always fun. She could play with her friends, and there was always a potluck dinner under the trees with lots of good things to eat.

Shortly before they were ready to leave, an old car pulled into the yard. A man got out and came to the door. Father answered the knock. The man said:
“Sir, my family is hungry. We were promised work and a place to live when we got to this town, but that promise was not kept. Do you have some work I can do so my family can have a meal?”
Father told the man:
“Come with us. We are having a workday at church, and at noon there will be a meal for everyone”.
When they got to the church, Ellie saw a girl about her age get out of the car. The mother climbed out with a small baby. The girl, Elaine, was shy, but Ellie tried to make her feel at home. Elaine’s mother and dad went right to work. The men did some repair work and painting, Elaine and Ellie watched the baby while their mothers washed windows and did some cleaning inside.
At noon, they all enjoyed the potluck meal under the trees. By late afternoon, when the workday came to a close, the new family had a place to spend the night, and the father had a job to go to on Monday morning. They were invited to attend church on Sunday morning. At church, many came and welcomed them to the service.
Jesus reached out to everyone with His love and compassion, to the homeless, the friendless, and the sinners. He was no respecter of persons. Jesus left His example for us to follow:
“By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another” (John 13:35).

Dear success partners that is the end of my story. But before I sign out, let me ask:
Did you enjoy the story? But more importantly, did you learn anything from the story? If you do, please remember to share your lessons on this Platform, so that others could benefit from it. 
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