By Nnabugwu Chinazaekpere

Dear Kingdom-minded, Success Driven Friends and Partners, another Weekend of impartation, education, information and entertainment is here on “Naza’s Corner”, your Platform.

I am highly delighted for the great support you all are giving me. From the drivers’ seat, I’ve been struggling to make the Platform worth your while. My appeal is for you to be patient with me. As usual the promise from this end is: It will continue to be better.
At this point, let me make something very clear. My definition of “It will continue to be better”, which as a matter of fact came from my understanding of our engagement on this Platform, which I belief/interpret to mean that as friends and success partners, we shall “PUSH AND PULL” together. Remember the saying: “The more the merrier”. Therefore, the more your opinions, comments and responses interface with mine on this Platform, the better for all of us.

As Kingdom-minded, Success Driven Friends and Partners, on this Platform, I am optimistic that through our collective efforts, it will continue to be better.  
I cannot go on without appreciating you all for the series of Telephone calls I have been receiving from you, my esteemed Friends and Partners. I am particularly happy for your contributions, which obviously are responses to issues raised on this Platform and others which seek to encourage me for the efforts. I say thank you to all of you.
Having said that, please understand with me and try to go with the advice I am putting across here, which is for us to embrace the idea of commenting through this Platform instead of putting calls across to me. The truth is, it is more beneficial if we adopt this pattern, especially, when you consider, that others will benefit from such responses and comments, since they will have the opportunity to read them. As good as calls are, the same cannot be said of them. Consider also the fact, that many that will join the Platform in the future, will still have the opportunity to read and those unable to comment when the articles were published will have opportunity to comment in the future.  
Like the saying goes, “whatever that has a beginning, must have an end”. For some of us on this Platform, referring most especially, to Nigerians, this Weekend is the last before, the schools resume after the long vacation. From the feelers I am getting, some schools will resume on Monday, 11th of September, 2017. Other schools, like the one I attend, will be resuming on the 18th. 
My prayer, is that God Almighty will keep and see each and every one of us beyond these days. Amen!
Done with the above, let me take us straight to the issue of today. It is something very important to us as we return to school for our studies, put simply as the foundation laying for our life.
As a starter for this weekend, let me reveal to us, something I came across that I belief will be of interest to us. It is the secret, or if you like, the revelation that the maximum time that an average Teen can focus on a given task is 20 minutes. That is to say that the attention span of an average Teen is 20 minutes.
What an interesting development…? Please click this link to continue your reading.
Enjoy yourself as you learn. Ciao!

Chinazaekpere Nnabugwu.
(Your regular Anchor and Host) 

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