By Chinazaekpere Nnabugwu, your Anchor and Host.
Dear Kingdom-minded, Success Driven Friends and Partners, Welcome to “Naza’s Corner”, your On-line weekend Platform dedicated to Teens and Kids desirous of interacting with others and who are genuinely committed to converting Peer Pressure to Peer Learning.  

Left to Right: Stephanie, Chinazaekpere, Aunty Mercy, Esuun, Uncle Ponsat and my kid sister Ihechiluru 

Recall that last week, I indicated that some of us, Teens and Kids, most especially, the Nigerians, were due to resume classes after the long vacation. In that report, I specified that some schools will be resuming on Monday, 11th of September, 2017, while others, like the one I attend, will be resuming on the 18th.

What I did not tell you then, was that I was on air, as Guest of Aunty “Mercy Chuwang” the very wonderful On-Air-Personality (OAP), whose passion for Teens and Kids has no match, to discuss as usual issues of interest to Success driven Teens and Kids.
That day was a very beautiful day for me. It was so special, because it was a special appearance. With me and Aunty Mercy on that day, were my Twin sisters from another Parents: Stephanie Koge and Esuun Tyoyima. We were Primary School class mates, but now in different secondary schools. Apart from Telephone conversations, that meeting was our first after gaining admission into JSS 1, generally after one year. You now know why it was a special appearance.
Enough of that story. Instead let me engage you with an assignment into this Weekend discussion. On this note I wish to present the questions below and to appeal that you grant me the rare privilege of inviting you to respond to the questions.
The questions are part of our last Weekend’s discussion with Aunty Mercy. Please share your response on the commentary box.
  • What was your holiday like?
  • What would you say was the most exciting moment of the Holiday?
  • What would you say was the most challenging moment of your Holiday?
  • Did you set any goal for the Holiday?
  • What were your achievements?

Finally before I sign off, let me ask:
Have you set your goal for the new term?
Until I come your way again, please do remember to stay out of trouble…Ciao!


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