By Koge Stephanie
Dear Kingdom-minded, Success Driven Friends and Partners, Welcome to “Naza’s Corner”, your On-line weekend Platform dedicated to Teens and Kids desirous of becoming everyday heroes.
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Stephanie Koge
Please, sit back, and  enjoy this story.  It is from one of us and a regular visitor to “Naza’s Corner”.


There lived three boys named Chiemere, Chigozie and Chidebere. They were all friends, living in the same compound, going to the same school and staying in the same class.
When they finished school, they had no job to get themselves busy and earn income, so they decided to go to a native Doctor but, Chigozie refused to go, then Chiemere and Chidebere told Chigozie to suit himself because they are going.
When they went to ask the native Doctor for wealth, he told them he will give them each a turtle in which they are to keep under their bed.
Then Chiemere laughed and asked the native Doctor, “How are we going to get wealth with turtles? Then the native Doctor said, “I have not finished so shut up. Then he gave them the turtles and told them to call the turtles by the name Ampa and they will receive wealth but if any female, be it animal or human; sees it, they will die and lose their wealth.
But, Chiemere and Chidebere did not care what the native Doctor said, so they brought their girlfriends to their houses but to their surprise their girlfriends saw the turtles and they died.
 But Chigozie got a job as a Doctor and became rich.


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