By Nnabugwu Chinazaekpere, Anchor and Host
Chinazaekpere, Anchor and Host

Dear Kingdom minded, Success driven Teens and Kids. Welcome to Naza’s Corner, your On-line Weekend platform dedicated to converting peer pressure to peer learning and for producing every day heroes.

By now most of you must have settled down for school activities except for those whose resumption date was postponed. I am among those affected by such postponement. My Prayer, as always, is that GOD will help us to perform better than any previous term, in Jesus name. AMEN!

There is no doubt, that as people working so hard, to surpass previous records, we need to seriously equip and fortify ourselves, with tools necessary for us to record very heartwarming results, not only in our education, but also in other aspects of our lives.

While some of us gear up to post resounding result in education, some have planned to do very well in sports, and others to perform exceptionally well by advancing their capacity in the domestic front.  I am even aware that some of us used the holiday period to engage in a skill acquisition programme. There should be effective and efficient management of the process necessary to fuse the skill that has been acquired and our resolve to do well in the school. This is to ensure there will be no interference between both. This is important, considering that part of the time available for you this term will be used to practice the skill, so acquired to perfect on it.
Meanwhile, you and I, know that the attainment of any meaningful endeavor is something that is not very easy. This is the reason, I have decided to present some working tips below.
You will recall that sometime ago, I posted on the animals segment of this Platform, a write up on the nightingale bird, like I have also done on other animals. Due to the interest, I developed on the bird, I decided to review that story. The outcome of that review, amazes me, hence my decision to share with you the lessons, I learnt from that bird, the nightingale.
Please sit back and enjoy the tips. I consider them as input to our resolve and efforts to surprise our Parents, Guardians and the rest, by posting worthwhile results at the end of this term.
  • Do something that is a bit difficult, tough and challenging.
  • Great and worthwhile results come from overcoming tough and difficult situations.
  • To overcome tough, difficult and challenging situations, you must identify the unique endowment the Almighty has bestowed on you. Like the nightingale, it is her melodious and magical voice. I belief many of you, my esteemed friends possess the same magical voice as well.
  • To be adored and respected, you must be creative, and sometimes spontaneous.
  • You must belief in yourself and your capacity to make things happen. This on its own is a source of motivation and inspiration.
  • To reach out to a large audience or contact, you must learn to switch from your normal ways and contact group. Like the nightingale that is a morning bird but still comes out in the evening to sing.
  • Though the path to achieving any great result or breakthrough is hard, if you remain committed and tow that path of honour, in the end people will recognize it and celebrate you.
  • When we are known for doing things in a particular way, changing the pattern or procedure becomes harder, hence, more effort is needed.
  • To advance in whatever we are into demands extra energy, commitment and dedication.

It is my belief that there is something, we can pick from the above.

Till I come your way again, remain blessed and stay out of trouble. Ciao!

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