By Chinazaekpere Nnabugwu (Anchor and Host)
Dear Teens and Kids, Friends and committed compatriots, welcome on board.
Anchor and Host Chinazaekpere Nnabugwu

As I come your way again, after some intervals, I wish to start by asking for your forgiveness, bearing in mind that I have kept silent for quite some time. This is no time for excuses and I don’t intend to offer any.
Having said that, let me invite you to join me in thanking and sending my shout to Aunty Mercy Chuwang, my Mentor, Coach and regular Presenter “We are Jos Kids”. Others are Mr. Ayoola, Praise Dotcom and all other staff of 104.3 Tincityfm Jos. They are passionate lovers of Teens and Kids.
Aware that we’ve lost a great deal, as a result of the long break, let me remind us that we just have to re-double our efforts, so as to recover the lost periods. Our focus remains the same, to work hard daily and to contribute towards building our generation and securing a future, deserving of the efforts, commitments and expectations of parents, guardians and the society generally.  
Of a truth, the turbulent and uncertain times that we are in today, demands serious planning, cooperation and Networking to attain meaningful and sustainable goals in life.

I have not forgotten that we are in a New Year, 2018; that is, in the parts of the World, where December is the last month of the year and January the first. For Teens and Kids in those countries, which Nigeria is one of them, I say Happy New Year. To all Children of the World, I bring to you wishes of God’s blessings, protections and provisions. 
Going further, let me remind us of our first agenda on this Platform: to align ourselves wholly, individually and collectively with Him, the Mighty King of Kings; I am that I am, the Alpha and Omega. 
In case, you are yet to connect with Him, let me pause, a little, to demand that you do so, for I am aware that the benefits are far more than anything, you can think of. Without anchoring your life in Him, you merely EXIST; you are not LIVING. I pray you do not remain in this state any longer. Amen! 
Our charge to you as team members, on this Platform in the year 2018, is to be of good behavior, good cheer and of wonderful impact. To stay afloat on this, our advice first and foremost, is for you to step up in your relationship with the Almighty.
With my two Guests Jeremiah Ayoola and Sheerah Chila
At this point, let me call on us to review our 2017 Resolution, popularly called New Year Resolution (NYR). I hope you have not forgotten that 2017, was at a time a New Year. This review is very important. As you embark on it, remember to note the areas you did well, but more importantly, try to identify those things that made it possible for you, to do so well and as a matter of fact try to stick to them with your mind set at improving on them. 
Similarly, identify the areas you did not do so well. Endeavor to ascertain the things that contributed to your draw back, and determine to do away with them, if they are things that are within your control. Where they are not, please don’t kill yourself or bemoan the situation so much, instead double your efforts in the areas that are within your control. 
In a Live Phone-in Radio Programme that I anchored recently at 104.3 Tincityfm, Jos: “We are Jos Kids” I drew the attention of Teens and Kids, on the need to do what I just reminded you above. My topic of discourse on the Radio Programme was “New Year Resolution, as Action Plan”
Reviewing 2017 with my listeners, I can assure you it was very rich and an interesting insight. My Guests, Jeremaih Ayoola (Male) and Sheerah Chila (Female) in the studio; and other Contributors, who phoned-in during the programme, were really awesome. My Guests and all Contributors to the Programme were all Teens and Kids. 
With the lessons from the 104.3 Tincityfm Programme, many Teens and Kids were able to refine their 2018 New Year Resolution, to something they can evaluate at the end of the Year.
Behind me and Guests is Sheerah’s Mother, Mrs Chila
Dear reader, you can see, why I want us to start, with a review of the 2017 New Year Resolution, after which we can embark on the refining of our 2018 New Year Resolution, if need be. Don’t forget that the joy of having a New Year Resolution is in its achievement, and more importantly on the effect or impact it would have on your future achievements in life.
Let’s pulse here, while you continue with your 2017 New Year Review. In case, you wish to share your experience with others on this Platform, please feel free, to do so.

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