By Nnabugwu Chinazaekpere Anchor and Host.
Dear  Kingdom minded, success driven Teens and Kids, welcome on board as we present to you the Report of the Inter-House Sports competition of St Paul’s Academy Jos. Please enjoy it.
The Principal St Paul’s Academy Jos Mrs Nwankwor C.N
The Jos Township stadium, popularly known as Rwang Pam stadium was agog on Saturday, 24 February, 2018, when St Paul’s Academy Jos, that over the years has been recognized, extolled and distinguished in Plateau state and Nigeria for her outstanding academic excellence, and admired pedigree in character molding, took her students and those from invited schools to display their richly God endowed talents, in the area of sports.

Watching the students from various Houses of St Paul’s Academy Jos, compete in the various sporting activities that were competed for during the 18th Annual Inter-House Sports Competition of the school, was not only interesting, but also glaringly a harvest of talents. 
Agility and performance was not limited to St Paul’s students only. Students of the 17 invited schools seem to have spoken in very clear terms that they too were equally endowed. They did not live anybody in doubt that they prepared very well for the event and of course a huge force to also reckon with. 
Speaking to a highly elated Principal of St Paul’s Academy Jos, Mrs. Cecilia Ngozi Nwankwor, she said:
“This is our 18th Annual Inter-House Sports competition, finals. My assessment of this competition is that the event came out successful, excellent and spectacular. It is wonderful, the best ever. 
“But mind you also, St Paul’s academy is not used to repeating records. We are known for smashing records and setting new ones. It does not matter to us how wonderful an old record is. What we do in every opportunity is to improve on existing records. We have been setting records and we have been surpassing them on consistent basis. Today’s event is not an exception. All present at this year’s event will testify to the fact, that the 18th Annual Inter-House sports competition of St Paul’s Academy, Jos is the best ever”.
The principal was reacting to questions on what was going on at the stadium, and her assessment of the inter-House Sports competition, organized by her school, St Paul’s academy, Jos.
In a related development, Comrade Sunday Akinfolari, Vice Chairman of Parents Teachers Association (PTA), St Paul’s Academy, Jos, also responded to some questions at the event. According to him:
The Vice Chairman St Paul’s PTA: Comrade Sunday Akinfolari,
“The activities of today, I mean the various sporting events taking place here today are part of the curriculum they are teaching in the school, and which the students are expected to embark upon. We have also gathered that this is very important in the life of the students. 
“Apart from that I am aware that Sports is one of the areas through which the students can show love, share ideas, and exhibit their talents”. 
Corroborating the statement of the Principal of the School, Mr. Akinfolari, the Vice Chairman of the PTA, said:
“Today’s event is fantastic. It is different when compared to the previous ones. And the reason is very simple, it has been in our character to beat whatever record we have set. And I am happy that like the previous years we succeeded in achieving that”. 
Our reporter also spoke to a Parent Mrs. Nnabugwu Ngozi, popularly called “Mommy Ngozi by admirers of her works and the teeming Teens and Kids she grooms under Belford Teens and Kids Club (BTK Club).
“I am highly elated. I love what is happening here today. From the organization of the event to the show of talents exhibited in the various sporting activities competed for by the students of St Paul’s Academy and the other invited schools.
“I urge the government to take schools sports very serious. On the strength of this I call on the Ministry of sports, and especially, the sports council, in Plateau state to ensure that the skills of these students are tapped to the fullest. They must ensure that those identified to be very good are not only recognized but that efforts are made this early in their life to channel their efforts properly for early development programmes.  
“Watching the students compete in various sports activities today, can be compared to watching the Professionals. I can assure you, there are many stars that have competed here today”. She concluded.
The areas the students competed for are:
Volley Ball, Football, Long Jump, High Jump, Discus, Javelin, Badminton, Shot Put, and Table Tennis which were competed for and won before the Saturday finals.
Match Pass and the following athletic events took place at the finals on Saturday. 

ONUEGBU HOUSE: The Winning House

  • 100m Junior boys and girls
  • 100m senior boys and girls
  • 200m Junior boys and girls
  • 200m senior boys and girls
  • 4 X 100m, 4 X 400m junior boys and girls
  • 4 X 100m, 4 X 400m,400m senior boys and girls
  • 4 X 400m junior boys and girls
  • 4 X 400m senior boys and girls

Students of St Paul’s Academy anxiously waiting for the winner to be declared
There were also male and female Staff Race, Old students Race and Parents Race of which various prizes were won. The invited schools competed in the relay races only.
At the end of the 18th St Paul’s Inter-House Sports Competition, organized at the Rwang Pam Township Stadium Jos in February 2018, the final result stood at:

  1. Onuegbu House…. First Position
  2. Sir I.O. Ikeobi House… Second Position
  3. Sir Nelson Olife House…Third Position

For the invitational relay Race the West of Mines secondary School came first in the females’ category while the Command Secondary School came first in the males’ category. 

I.O. Ikeobi House: 2nd position

However, our Panelists at “Naza’s Corner” after compiling and analyzing the whole results and all other events that took place that day, passed a verdict that: Mrs. Cecilia Ngozi Nwankwor:The Principal of St Paul’s Academy came tops as the “Overall Best” in the competition.

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