By Chinazaekpere Nnabugwu (Anchor and Host)
Yours truly interviewing the Principal of St Paul’s, Mrs Nwankwor Cecilia Ngozi
Dear Fellow Kingdom minded, success driven Teens and Kids, I welcome you on board as usual.
This time around I wish to continue on the issue of sports. I discussed sports on this platform for the first time as the outcome of one of my regular appearances on “We are Jos Kids”, a Radio programme hosted by my Boss, the amiable award winner, Aunty Mercy Chuwang, on 104.3 Tincityfm Jos, every Saturday from 8.30 – 9.30am. 

The second time sports appeared on this platform was when I reported the 18th Annual Inter-House Sports competition of St Paul’s Academy, Jos. Please click here for the report

The wonderful experiences and lessons of that Inter-House sports competition of St Paul’s Academy, Jos, will remain in my memory for a very long time. I promise to be sharing the experiences and lessons from time to time. 
I call on you, my wonderful friends, to inform your schools and Parents to always invite me to your/their events to share your/their experiences as well. I am very confident that most schools would want their Inter-House sports competition or other programmes publicized. I assure you of a very good outing when invited.
Onuegbu House celebrating as winner of the competition
As a reminder, let me refresh your mind that Birthdays, Speech and Prize Giving Day, wedding, naming ceremonies, and many more are experiences worth sharing on this platform. All areas that can positively impact the life of Kingdom minded, success driven Teens and Kids, are welcomed. 
Having said that, let us go back to our discussion on sports. 
To do this, let me confess that I was particularly moved by the fact that St Paul’s Academy Jos, highly reputed for her very wonderful academic and character molding records, could devote so much energy, time and resources on sports, viewed in some quarters as no go area for St Paul’s Academy, by those that prefer to discuss St Paul’s in the light of a school that has no time for fun/extra-curricular activities.
From my personal observation, I can tell you that the claim about St Paul’s Academy is true. This is so, because the school does not see sports as mere fun. It is viewed as serious business that every attention is given to, to ensure that the goal of making sure that those gifted in sports in the school attain their peak through appropriate training and preparations provided by the school. As a matter of fact, it is the same attention that is given to the academically gifted that is equally given to those gifted in sports.
Mrs. Nwankwor Cecilia Ngozi, Principal St Paul’s Academy, Jos
Another great lesson from my coverage of St Paul’s event is the statement of the Principal of the school MRS NWANKWO CECILIA NGOZI who said “St Paul’s academy is not used to repeating records. We are known for smashing records and setting new ones”. If this statement was made at any other forum, order than sports, e.g. academics, I guess people, like the group I mentioned already, will understand. I say this very much aware that some people would be surprised that St Paul’s Academy could devote so much time and other resources to ensure that students gifted in sports are provided with such excellent opportunity to harness their God given talent.
Read more of the Principal’s speech: “It does not matter to us how wonderful a record is. What we do with every opportunity is to improve on existing records. We have been setting records and we have been surpassing them on consistent basis”.
Dear Kingdom minded, success Driven Teens and Kids out there, are you already preparing to follow the direction shown by our Dear Mother and Mentor, the Principal of St Paul’s Academy? 
Do you realize that the Principal is saying “No matter how good your previous record or result is, in the thing that you are doing, you must strive always to surpass the record at every given opportunity?
By implication, she is saying “Being good in academics does not mean you cannot be good in sports”? As a matter of fact the world of today recognizes multiple talents and skills, mind you.
To our wonderful Parents, I wish to draw your attention to the effect that: Mrs. Nwankwo Cecilia Ngozi, the Principal of St Paul’s Academy, Jos, by extension is saying:
Support your sports gifted Teens and Kids as much as you would support those gifted in academics.
In conclusion let me sound like Mommy Ngozi (real name Mrs. Nnabugwu Ngozi)of Belford Teens and Kids, (BTK) Club, Jos: 
“It is Academics and Sports that makeup the Education Curriculum. The notion that those doing well in academics are the ones that are good in education; and those doing well in sports are not, is very wrong”. 
Before I sign out, let me call on Parents, Guardians, brothers and sisters to give support to sports gifted Teens and Kids as much as you would to the academically gifted ones. 
Remember to always invite ME for publicity and coverage of your programmes. Remain blessed.

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