Dear kingdom minded, success driven Friends and lovers of hard work, creativity, innovation, teamwork and success, welcome to “Naza’s Corner”.Before saying any other thing, let me remind you that my name is “Chinazaekpere”, “God answers prayers”. I am a JSS student, living in Jos, the Plateau state capital. Considering, how important we are to each other, especially what we stand to gain, working together, as friends, I wish to introduce Amanze Ikenna (Engineer), a student of St Paul’s Academy, Jos, a Kingdom minded, success driven student and goal getter into the forum. Please join me to welcome him and his story.

“The Sports Day. .
 There lived a boy named Ugo. He lived with his Parents in a village called Ago. He attends a school in the market square, called Central High School.
Ugo was very good in sports, especially football, but was not so good in academics. His Parents always compared him to one of their neighbors, Obi who was proud, intelligent and on ungrateful.
Every sporting day, Ugo would always participate, but Obi never participated because he was too proud. He would always tell Ugo and some of his friends that “No one is above me academically even if I do not read during the examination period”.
On the open day, Ugo’s Mother and Obi’s Mother came to the School to check the performance of their Children. Obi’s Mother will always boast, saying “I’m sure my Son will do me proud”. When they went to the form Masters Office, she complained that Obi was too proud even to participate in the School sports programme, but Ugo was the opposite of him, even though he was not as intelligent as him, he is gentle hardworking and an active member of his House and the Teacher also persuaded Obi’s Mother to tell Obi to participate in the football match but she cut in saying : I did not send my Son to School to participate in any sporting activity, but to do me proud in academics”.
When Ugo’s Mother got home, she apologized for being rude to her Son and instead encouraged him to participate in the football match since he was good at it. In the case of Obi’s Mother she told her Son, not to mind the Teacher, insinuating that she was only jealous of his academic performance and she also told him to not to dare participating in the football match.
On the match day, Ugo participated and gave a good account of himself. He was admired by the crowd and constantly cheered for his outstanding performance in the football match. To crown it all he scored the winning goal of the match. 
At the end of the game, Ugo was given scholarship by the organizers of the game to study at the famous Institute for Sports; and to proceed abroad afterwards to enhance his skill in the game of football and football administration. 
By Amanze Ikenna (JSS student, St Paul’s Academy, Jos)

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